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  • I was born on May 16
  • My occupation is being a Shade
  • I am a Shade
  • SynergyShade3624

    Layers Art

    March 15, 2013 by SynergyShade3624
    I'm not really known as an artist here in the Clasher community, only as a graphics designer. Not trying to brag or anything, but just wanted to post my latest work here, since this is where I am most active. These are character design studies for The Layers, a completely imaginary world that I am trying to create from scratch, centered around four main races, and each with its own archetype character. A companion story that I started can be found here. Enjoy :)
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  • SynergyShade3624
    All of us know about the "mass kickers", who kick everyone in sight as soon as they get elder. Now I think I have found a good solution to that problem: A kick limit per week for all of the elders. Say, a kick limit is set at 2 by the leader using the "edit" page for the clan (where they can change the description, shield, etc.) That means each elder can only kick two people each week. Also, the limit for each individual elder could be adjusted: say, one of your most trusted elders would be allowed ten kicks per week, while a recently promoted elder would be limited to two. This would effectively stop the mass kickers (although it would be hard to root them out), and still let the elders actually do their job. Regards?
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  • SynergyShade3624
    Attention Clasher Nation Community! Welcome to Clash of Clan Wiki's FIRST EVER community contest! In this contest, you must come up with a war cry for your clan! Entries should look like:

    Clan Logo (optional)

    Clan Name

    War Cry

    Note: This is NOT a page for advertising your clan. Any comments other than entries, feedback on entries, and questions will be deleted.

    The finalists will be selected by me, and the winner will be selected by a vote. Clash On!

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  • SynergyShade3624
    With the new update, Supercell has updated the picture for the Loading Screen! What do you think of the change? Do you like it, or want the old one back? What do you guys think the holiday versions will look like? (
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  • SynergyShade3624

    Normal Icon
    Normal Icon w/ Gloss
    Contrast adj.
    Wizard Icon
    Wizard Icon w/ Gloss
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