Chapter I:Getting Ready

Step I:Join a Clan

Let's not get kicked

Before you start farming, it is good make sure your clan leader approves of farming, in order to avoid being kicked out without notice (If they dissaprove of it, try asking them if you can start up a farming clan that's allied with your current clan).

Wait, what if I don't have a clan yet?

If you have not yet joined a clan, make sure to join a large clan that approves of farming. If you do not have a clan castle yet, you are probably better off not farming until you reach a higher level. Ask your fellow clanmates for either Goblins or Giants(preferrably level 3 or higher). If none of those are available, ask for Wall Breakers as a third choice.

Step II:Re-design your Base Layout

Money is better than cups

If your base design is already configured to protect your resources foremost, you can skip this step. For farming, your town hall can either be put oustide the walls or left inside with your resource storages. However, when farming, your resource storages should be the most important and therefore most guarded structure, not the Town Hall (A very easy way to convert to a farming base, though not always effective, is taking the town hall's spot in your base and putting your resource storages there).

How to take advantage of Trophy Hunters

If you choose to put the Town Hall outside your base, make sure to put it in a strategic place so that when trophy hunters place their troops to attack the town hall, they can be easily picked off by your defenses.

What about my Resource Collectors?

If you check in regularily to Clash of Clans, you'll be safe leaving your resource collectors unprotected. If you don't check in on a regular basis, consider putting one or two of your highest-level collectors inside your walls (the number can vary depending on the amount of space you have), so that the uncollected resources are harder to steal. Now that your base is ready, it's time to start farming!

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