Chapter II:Time to Raid

Step I:Drop Trophies

Too Low, Too High, and Just Right

Now that your base is all set up, it's time to drop your trophy count. Usually, dropping to about 600-800 trophies is the optimum range. Any higher, and Trophy Hunters will rip you up to shreds, any lower and Ultra High-level Farmers will steal all your resources. The best way to drop trophies is dropping one barbarian on said base, end the battle, and lose some trophies, and then repeat over and over again until you get to the desired range.

Step II:Attack!

Goblins: your new best friend.

Obviously, Goblins are the troop type of choice when raiding, as they do 2x damage to resource buildings. Having at least level 3 Goblins is basically crucial to raiding successfully. Make your army out of about 10 giants, 10-15 Archers, some Wall Breakers (optional) and the rest Goblins.


When attacking a base, first look at the amount of loot available. If it is at least over 10,000 Gold, it is worth a quick burglary(unless the base is very well-defended). Drop a few goblins to take the resources in no time(you might need a giant or two to distract some high-level towers/mortars), with barely any troops expended. For actual raids, where there are six-digits worth of resources available, first check to see if the majority of the loot is in the resource storages, or still in the collectors. If the collectors are full, mob them with goblins to take all of the loot. If the storages are holding all the loot, see if there are any holes in the base where you can drop your army into(drop a goblin to scout out any traps). If not, use strategically placed groups of Giants to either take out the defenses or distract them, while mobbing the walls near the resource collectors with goblins.

Taking advantage of Trophy Hunters (again)

When you aren't out raiding, Farming still helps protect your base from raiders, escpecially when you have your town hall outside of your walls, a lot of raiders will just destroy it for trophies and leave, not stealing much loot and giving you a free shield.

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