Hey guys, this is just a short work-in-progress of mine. It's a short story based on Clash of Clans. Enjoy!

Chapter One: New Battlements

The Archer Queen lurked in the shadows of the Great Western forest, gazing at the abandoned village that lay out in the clearing in front of her. It was a sorry sight: the Town Hall lay in ruins, with the burnt out shells of automated defenses corroding on the grass. The Gold Mines had caved in, the Elixir Collectors shattered. The wooden walls were falling into disrepair, and many lay rotting on the grass. If this was to be her stronghold in the coming storm, she, and her army of archers, had a LOT of work to do. "All right, lets get it going! Chop chop!" She called to her four builders. They immediately got to work repairing the village, tirelessly hammering at the buildings. The archers stormed off to the the army camps to stand around all day and run around. Meanwhile, the Queen waited patiently while her altar was being built.

The Barbarian scout watched from the shadows at the bustle of activity. He ran back to tell the King that now was the time to attack.

Meanwhile, The Queen, after having a good sleep on her altar, was again at full health. She rummaged around her pockets untill she found her huge stash of gems. She took one out and snapped her fingers. Instantaneously, a Village Maiden in a green dress appeared and clapped her hands four times. She took the gem from the Queen and took it back to the Town Hall, now freshly upgraded with a small, stout stone tower protruding from the roof. As soon as she passed through the door, all of the construction was completed in a bright flash of green light. The Queen looked around contentedly at the golden walls that now surrounded her base, the marble-based automatic cannons, and the sturdy Archer Towers that were now erected around the town hall. And lastly, an enormous black crossbow stood next the the Town Hall, a box of Elixir quarrels loaded into its end. She was ready.

Chapter Two: Dominion Besieged

"Your highness! It's an attack!" Shouted one of the Archer sentries. The Queen hurriedly got up and stared at the horizon. A line of bonfires crested the beach, marking the enemie's numerous army camps. Behind them, several triremes were beached on the sand, with the waves lapping softly at their wooden hulls. As the Queen looked on, a ragtag group of muscle-bound Barbarians, wielding crude metal swords, ran up to the base's ramparts and started hacking away at the walls. They were quickly dispatched by the automatic defenses. But what was that? A huge, hulking figure lurched forward, iron fists gleaming dully in the morning sunlight. Giants. "The Barbarian King must have struck up an alliance with them," the Queen muttered. She hit the lever on the automated crossbow beside her and set it to long range. It shot down the giant before he could reach the ramparts. But right behind him was the full force of the Barbarian army, and more senior, gold-fisted Giants. The Queen cursed and beckoned her archers. "Archer leaders! On me!" she yelled. "Linda, take two squads and flank them from behind those rocks. Take no prisoners! Sally, tell your troops to man the towers. Aim for the giants. Alyss, Sue, Ava, you're with me. The rest of you, fire at will!" She then loaded her own crossbow, and climbed over the north wall, accompanied by her three best archers. She glanced at the barbarians, who were storming from the south, and was pleased to see that the battle was goin well. However, that would change when the giants reached the walls. Which meant she had to do something to stop them. Suddenly, a loud war cry pierced the air as the Barbarian King himself join the fray, destroying the southern wall with one mighty stroke of his blade. That, the Queen decided, was her chance. She raised her crossbow, flicked the switch, and fired her entire quiver at the beastly King.

Chapter Three: Two can play this Game

The King looked down in surprise at his chest, which now had thirty arrows embedded inside it. He was wounded. The Barbarians screamed insults at the archers as they carried their injured leader out of the battlefield. The Giants covered their retreat as they scrambled back to their army camps. The Queen looked on in satisfaction as the army retreated. "Two can play this game, King." she muttered softly. "Ava, go to the Northern Peaks, and find the Wizards. We need some allies."

To be Continued!

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