CREDITS - Bon Jovi, Zazme Yakuza

"Lost Troops"

In my mi-I-nd
My life is getting clearer
The chief sighs and do-onates me 
I had to leave my friends,
Into the unknown I shall go
You go-o-o, get lost or die
So I walk (walk), walking over twigs on my way (way)
With this wizard I don't know what will be there to greet us?
Hey, hey, I can't find my way
Say goodbye to my old village
Keep on going, there ain't no villages on this lost pathway
Yeah we're busting loose, we're running
Out on this open pathway
All alone today on this lost pathway
I don't know where I'm going
But I know where I've been
Now I'm afraid of going back again
So I run (run), years and miles are flying by
And what will be there to greet us?
Could it be the Homie Villa-ager?
Oh-oh-oh god of clash
Please tell us which way to go
Guide us through the woods you got view
Farewell to our old village
Kicking off the walking
And starting to-o run
Got just enough energy
And a lot of optimism, lets go!
We finally found our way
Say goodbye to the unknown
Stop to say hi, got to hurry to the Castle
Yeah we made it I'm so excited
Out to this new village.
It's a new day in this new village.

Copyright by Bacon Industries, MMXV

Do not reproduce without permission of Bacon Industries.

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