Hey Chief! Welcome to T-Bacon's Weekly Coding Tutorials. Today, you will be learning how to use colored text.

Colored text lets you put it in different font sizes and colors.

To make your colored text, you need to first put this in (It only works with Source Editor)

<font size="8" color="green"> 

Makes this!

If you want to close the color and font size just simply put in


If you have the text on your profile and don't add the closing extension, prepare to be frustrated.

If you want multiple colors and sizes in your text, just put this:

<font size="10" color="blue"> Hi {{USERNAME}}, I like bacon </font> <font size="19" color="red"> also Gummy Bears

Hi Chief, I like bacon. also Gummy Bears

That is what it makes.

Be on the look for tomorrow's coding tutorial!

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