Hey Chief! T-Bacon here. Today I would like to discuss meh opinion on the July Update.

First up, dark spells!

- The Poison Spell

This spell is very useful against clan castle troops. The thing is, you still have to deploy troops to lure the troops from the clan castle. Once you have lured them all out, you have to put them in one big pile and place a poison spell on them. Talk about a waste of 15s - 1m. #more99raidsinclanwars. You also can't place a troop because they will simply move out of the ring of poison.

- The Earthquake Spell

Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to OP. It does too much damage to the Town Hall. Roughly 4 max earthquake spells can destroy a TH 8. I could go on, but you get the point.

- The Haste Spell

I really like this one! Slow troops like the Giant and Balloon can get to the defenses quicker so they don't get killed while walking 1 mph (or 1.601 km/h (I think)) to the defense.

Now, the no-no to zapping storages and using a disaster!!!!

I actually like this feature. For TH 8's trying to push their kings to 10, no more zapping their DE storage! On offence, I don't get why some people complain. Just use GiWiPe.

Dragon Level 5

I could really care less. :3

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