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  • Takonka

    The aim of these suggestions are to avoid clan destroyers, members which one make only requests, and so on. Also the membership binding can be expanded.

    So let's start. What are the main activities that players can perform in a clan with his/her promotions?

    With the current permissions it is possible:

    • Invite, add, remove and promote/demote members
    • donate and request
    • write clan posts
    • start a friendly war
    • start a clan war
    • change clan description
    • change clan settings

    We had some discussions in our clan, there were several variants that we discussed and we wanted. Now I would like to describe the best.

    A role is created as in the new troop-training. Here you can save and name three different armies.

    another example:

    You can a member exclude from donations …

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