Meaning and purpose

The aim of these suggestions are to avoid clan destroyers, members which one make only requests, and so on. Also the membership binding can be expanded.

So let's start. What are the main activities that players can perform in a clan with his/her promotions?

With the current permissions it is possible:

  • Invite, add, remove and promote/demote members
  • donate and request
  • write clan posts
  • start a friendly war
  • start a clan war
  • change clan description
  • change clan settings

We had some discussions in our clan, there were several variants that we discussed and we wanted. Now I would like to describe the best.

Rights new 1

A role is created as in the new troop-training. Here you can save and name three different armies.

Rights new 2

another example:

Rights new 3


You can a member exclude from donations for a period of time (one, three or 30 days). Clan destroyers have more difficulties to kick members. At the moment it is only possible every 20 minutes. With a new role it is not possible.


You can limit the validity of roles (3, 30 days) or unlimited. So a member can participate in tournaments (leaving the clan), a limited number of roles can be assigned, which will be given back on rejoin. Maybe within three days.


It is possible for certain topics (start of a clanwar, village evaluations) to create a poll. The values ​​can be entered manually. Default value is "good", "bad”. A vote can be created by a member once per season.

Rights new 4
Rights new 5

Release of voting shall be done by one member of the “VOTING ROLE”. All persons entitled to vote can make one vote. The end of the voting shoud be after seven days.


Each member can win gems for finishing an event. At Christmas 2016 there was a possibility to buy gift packages, members could take a fix amount. New: Every clan obtaind 30 jewels per season. These can be assigned at the end of the season to a member with the best donations, a member with the most gained defenses or even for good attacks in clanwars. A possibility of distributing an amount of the gems by the leaders is possible.

Rights and Roles

There are different ways to adjust the rights for the most clan tasks. You can do a definition of roles for your clan. The roles are limited to three for clarity. Roles are located in the clan properties. This configuration can be saved, standard values ​​can be created. These can correspond to the previous roles (Elder, co-leader).


All the topics mentioned here are displayed in the profile for each member. The first assignment of roles can made by the leader and by the previous co-leaders. A clan can choose whether to switch to this system or keep the old system.

All of these suggestions are ideas and not described in detail and are a summary of the discussions in the clan of the last weeks.

Waiting for your response. Have fun an clash on!

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