• TallEspanolRBLX

    This is not real, but we all know Town Hall 11 will eventually come, and it is assumed it will be in the year 2015. This is how I would make Town Hall level ELEVEN! :D

    Appearance: The Town Hall is made of dark gray bricks, which glow lava red. When selected, the bricks turn orange, and it glows even more, looking like the TH 10. At the top is a tower like that of a TH 7, but black and it has a flag with the symbol of your Clan on it (If none, then it's a white flag.).

    Build Cost: 6,000,000 GOLD

    Hitpoints: 5800

    Number Available: 2 (Just kidding)

    Upgrading Time: 18 Days

    There'll be a new dark elixir troop available for TH10+ and a new spell available only in TH11!

    The new troop is called the Ice Spider, and it is unlocked with the new level 7 dark ba…

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  • TallEspanolRBLX

    For a while now, people have been wondering when town hall 11 is going to be added. I don't think it should be added yet, because there's room in TH 10 for a new dark elixir troop and even more. But eventually there will have to be a TH 11. The main problem is that the base is getting crowded. Only a few more buildings and the base could run out of space. Many people have suggested that the map should be extended, but then on the lower bases, witch attacks would be a lot stronger, and many people could take advantage of this. It could be made so that the base only extends when you reach TH 11, but that doesn't seem right to me. What do YOU think?

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