This is not real, but we all know Town Hall 11 will eventually come, and it is assumed it will be in the year 2015. This is how I would make Town Hall level ELEVEN! :D

Town Hall

Appearance: The Town Hall is made of dark gray bricks, which glow lava red. When selected, the bricks turn orange, and it glows even more, looking like the TH 10. At the top is a tower like that of a TH 7, but black and it has a flag with the symbol of your Clan on it (If none, then it's a white flag.).

Build Cost: 6,000,000 GOLD

Hitpoints: 5800

Number Available: 2 (Just kidding)

Upgrading Time: 18 Days

Troops And Spells

There'll be a new dark elixir troop available for TH10+ and a new spell available only in TH11!


The new troop is called the Ice Spider, and it is unlocked with the new level 7 dark barracks. Here's some stats:

Housing Space: 14

Hitpoints: 220 (Not a lot relative to its housing space!)

DPS: 300 (WOAH!)

Training Cost: 320 DARK ELIXIR

Special: Every 8 seconds, it launches a web at the nearest defence (Or hero, clan castle troop, skeleton), doubling its attack cooldown for 3 attacks. It can climb walls.

Favorite Target: All (Ground and air)

Good with: Wizards, as it gives them time to attack.


The new spell will be unlocked with the new level 6 spell factory. It is called the Curse Spell. Here's some stats:

Cost 26,000 ELIXIR

Duration: 8 Seconds

Damage: 15%

Special: These spells spread 15% of the damage dealt to troops inside the spell to buildings inside. If a Lightning Spell is used inside a Curse Spell, the damage is increased by 15%. Healing Spells inside Curse Spells are only blocked 30% by Inferno Towers, and Healers are not blocked at all.

Color: Dark Brown

Range: Healing Spell's range.

Good with: Not having to lure out the Clan Castle Troops, as they will slowly die from their own damage and the damage of defenses.


There's new buildings you can get, and new levels as well. This upgrade mainly focuses on traps.

-1 Cannon

-25 Walls

-4 Bombs

-1 Giant Bomb

-2 Spring Traps (Good for taking out those Ice Spiders!)

-1 Gold Mine

-1 Elixir Pump

-2 Air Bombs

-1 Air Defence

-1 Gold Storage

-1 Elixir Storage

-Brand NEW trap: Chain Bomb: Does less damage than a bomb, but once activated, a bomb will explode on the location and then a chain will catapult two other bombs to other troops (If there aren't any, they will explode the initial troop) within an 8 tile radius.

-Brand new Hero Altar??? :O

Building Levels

Level 2 Spring Traps (Take out Ice Spiders!)

Level 7 Bombs (Do a bit more damage)

Level 9 Laboratory (Level 7 Goblin, Level 7 Wizard, Level 5 Healer, Level 7 Healing Spell, Level 6 Hog Rider, Level 2 Ice Spider (280 Health, 320 DPS) Level 2 and 3 Curse Spell (9 Seconds, 18% Damage, 27,000 cost/ 11 Seconds, 21% Damage, 27,500 cost)

Level 5 Giant Bomb (290 Damage! Takes out an Ice Spider.)

Level 13 Gold Mine and Elixir Pump (You will need them!)

Level 5 Air Bomb (You'll see why later!)

Level 9 Army Camp (You'll need a big army to take out these powerful bases.)

Level 14 Archer Towers and Cannons (Beef up your defence!)

New Hero

The brand new hero is the Wizard Lord. He has midnight blue robes and bright green eyes. He has a Dark Lord-like appearance. 

Stats (At level 1):

Health: 1,000

DPS: 300

Special: Summons 1 Minion (Of the level you have) after every fireball.

Special Ability "Ancient Shield" (Requires level 5!): Recovers 200 Health and summons 1 Wizard (Of the level you have) by its side and around him appears a dark gray circle, which halves damage taken for 8 seconds.

Stats (At level 40):

Health: 2,500

DPS: 560

Special: Summons 4 Minions (Of the level you have) after every fireball.

Special Ability "Ancient Shield" It recovers 400 instead of 200 Health, summons 4 Wizards instead of 1, and the shield lasts for 16 seconds.


At level 10, the cloak gets a light gray outline, and it shoots lightning bolts instead of fireballs.

At level 20, the eyes turn red instead of green.

At level 30, it gets dark iron gauntlets.

At level 40, the lightning bolts turn red.


-When a lightning spell is used by a Hidden Tesla, it will pop up and absorb 50% of the damage, giving it  +8%*Level Damage until the next two hits. It has an red electric effect over it while charged. 

-Inferno Towers damage is reduced by 90% by freeze spells, but it is not frozen completely.

-Clans now have an Average Townhall Meter and they are shown and limits can be set. Example: If there's a TH7 and a TH8 in a clan, the ATM would be 7.5 (Find the mean(Add all TH values and divide them by the amount)). You could make it so the minimun ATM is a certain number, for example, 8. There's a TH 9 in a Clan, and then a TH 7 Joins, brining down the ATM to 8. Then, a TH 7 tries to join, but it can't because the ATM would be 7.666, and the least is 8. This could be useful for balancing your force.

-Clans now have level requirements for each TH level to avoid TH rushers. For example, you could make it so TH 6 members must have all cannons at at least level 6. This is a great tool to get strong members in your clan. The same can be done with troop and spell levels.

-There's also achievement requirements. These are so only dedicated Clashers can join the Clan. For example, you'll need Conqueror 2, Unbreakable 2, and War Hero 2 to get into a Clan.

-If you don't attack or get all 0 stars in a certain amount of wars in a row, you'll be automatically demoted/kicked. This is great for removing inactive members.

-There's also Town Hall Ranges for Clan Wars. You could set the THR to 1, -1. As a Town Hall 7, you could attack TH 8, 7, and 6. You get these numbers because the range is 1 above your TH and 1 below your TH (And anything in the middle counts too!) This is made so people can attack bases of about their level ONLY (Number can be altered by leader).

-Mortars now target the troop with the least housing space possible. You don't want your mortar attacking golems!

-You can now set a favorite target to each Cannon and Archer Tower.

-You can add filters to Clan Castle Requests so trolls don't donate Wall Breakers when you're asking for a dragon.

-You can set the limit of Kicks/Demotions/Promotions per user per week to avoid an evil Co-Leader to kick out the whole clan!

-By going into someone in your Clan's base and clicking on their Clan Castle, you can directly donate either 1,000, 10,000, or 50,000 GOLD or ELIXIR with a 10 hour cooldown, but that is reduced to 9 when your Clan is level 4, and to 8 when your Clan is level 8. (Players can disable being able to receive money to avoid being targeted by attackers.)

-You get a 4th layout at TH 11.

-Brand NEW achievements for being in a Clan of levels 2, 6, and 10! (20 GEMS, 30 GEMS, 45 GEMS)

-Achievements now fill GOLD and ELIXIR by 1% each.


This is my idea of what TH 11 should be like. Please comment suggestions and opinions! Thank you if you read the whole thing!

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