Alright guys so you wanna know how to count gem to gold. Or gem to elixir? Well ,here it is:

First, let me tell you about magical number. The first magical number is 225. You can buy 213 resources for 2 gems. 438 for 3. 663 for 4. 888 for 5. See what i mean? Every 225 resources the gem adds by one. Wait! Don't jump into conclusions. It's not that simple actually.

First of all there is an obvious reason why buying one resources need 1 gems. But why 213 need 2? I mean it's so random. Well there is no real reason why it would be 213, so i call 213 base number.

And the thing is every digits have a base number. So, 3 digits number have 213 for 2 gems. And 4 digits? It is 1225 for 6 gems. See how it break magical number patern? Every digits will have a base number. And it interrupts the pattern. Note that 1225 is 1000+225. Which is the previous magical number.

Now the every digits also have a magical number. 4 digits is 450. So 1675 needs 7 gems. 2125 needs 8. This continue until the next base number. Which is the 5 digits base numbers, 10450.

So, how to calculate the gems you need for the resources you want? Okay, let's say you want to know how many gems is needed for 34567 resources.

1. Determine the base number and the gems the base number needs. You can look the base number below. In this case the base number for 5 digits is 10450 which can be bought by 26 gems. 2. Substract total resources by base numbers. 34567-10450=24117. 3. Divide it by the magical number of that digits and round it down. 24117/900=26,8=26. 4. Add step 3 number to step 1 number. 26+26=52. So, you need 52 gems to buy 34567 gold or elixir.

Digits Base Number Gems Comment
3 213 2
4 1,225 6 1000+225 previous digits magical number
5 10,450 26 10000+450 previous digits magical number
6 100,948 126
7 1,001,875 601

As you see. Except for the first one. Gems always end with 6 or 1. Because it is always multiple of 5 plus1.

Digits Magical Numbers Comment
3 225
4 450 225*2
5 900 450*2
6 1895
7 3750

There is a single exception to this. 102843 is magical number. 104737, which is only 1894 away from 102843 is a magical number. Everything after that is affected. For example 106632 is a magical number. Instead of 106633, which would be the magicalnumber if thee was no irregularity. So, yes everything after that is affected.

Dark Elixir and Time to be added.

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