When I think of my weaker troops such as my Barbs or Archers, nay say the goblins too. I think of how fast they die even with the healing spell. I'm thinking maybe give them a little boost in their defense. Not to large as to make them overpowered but just enough to maybe help them take down that last bit of health on the TH or on that building/wall they get stuck on. I feel like this spell would very much compliment the healing/rage spells we have on hand already. Allowing our troops almost a second wind of sorts to help out our larger troops as well. I know we all hate when our P.E.K.K.A. or Dragon armies decide to loop around the entire base before funneling inward toward the TH. So maybe giving them a slightly better chance of at least making it all the way around the outside or somewhat closer to those 3 star victories.