aka Nick

  • I live in 30 miles north of Chicago
  • I was born on October 6
  • My occupation is Playing video games
  • I am Im a Dude
  • ThePieGuy.Com

    Ok, so following the new update that produced clan wars, I have a question or two. First off, I lost my phone for a few days and didn't find it until the Friday of the same week Clan Wars came out. I was in a clan, and, my clans CW had ended. That was some random feeder clan that I had. So, anyway, I left that clan after I saw that its first CW was over and I joined my friends clan because he needed some help. When I joined, I was ready to be apart of CWs for real and raid and stuff. When I joined, It wasn't even prep day and I couldn't raid...It called me a spectator. If there is anything anyone can do for me with this, I would love it. Thanks...

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