Hi Everyone,

Let me start by saying; if you knew me, this would come as a surprise to you. Most people think of me as the guy who is never caught off guard and is always in complete control of my emotions. Well, yesterday I was set aback even shocked by a bunch of little kids.

Upon briefly leaving our new feeder clan DRAGONSTONE for a little while to visit House Targaryen, all sorts of hell broke loose! When I returned a few hours later the chat window was full! I smiled and I thought to myself "awesome the new clan mates are getting to know each other and bonding as a team". Ha! As I opened the chat you should have seen my face as I realized that three, four or maybe five of them had declared an all-out verbal assault on each other in my chat room. I don't dare repeat any of the horrific language they wrote, but allow me to paint you a picture; imagine the worst, most disgusting and gross profanities you can, and then consider it was about 100 times worse than that.

Is that indicative of today’s younger generation? Are there parents screwing them up so badly that they just don't have a place in society or am I just getting so old that I think like my father did when I was a kid?

Do any of you have any insight or words of wisdom that may help me understand this better? I am at a complete loss and to be quite honest; a little scared. My daughters are six years old and have never been exposed to that type of behavior. Should I expect that they are doomed to follow this pattern of ugliness and hatred toward one another? Are all kids coming up in this generation this hateful and mean? Where does it come from? They're just little kids without a care or responsibility in the world?

Anyway, what would you have done in my position? How would you have dealt with the kids involved?

===The Mad King ===

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