• The Mbuyanites

    Are you a clasher Holic?

    Are you currently at TH 8 or 9?

    Are you not part of a clan?

    Are you loooking for a clan?

    Is your current clan unstructured, lame or just plain boring as rocks?

    Do you want to be part of a war machine?

    Do you want your clan castle to always be full of troops of your choice and war loot?

    Do you want to earn elder or co-leader simply by being generous?

    Do you want to laugh your ass off everytime you read your clan chat?

    If you anwered yes to all these questions then DARK-RECKONING is the clan for you. After 6 months of being a closed clan we are now opening up to everyone so long as you meet the requirements with the intention of one day starting our very own family of clans.

    To find our more visit our facebook page 'dark-recko…

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