Well we lost our third.  Kudos to the men (and women?) of Denver Legends.  They attacked without mercy and someone in that clan put very tough warriors in the C.C.'s.  Although the war isn't over, I have waved off any future attacks. We are, after all a farming and growth clan after all.

We were also visited by the leader of that clan, DaveRok.  I wasn't on at the time but he seemed like a very nice guy and I appreciated the friendly visit. 

On a slightly unrelated note, I am going to try and publish my lists here.  I make two lists.  The first list is everyone who didn't participate in the war.  For this war, that was...

Rufio, Talus, Icabod540, Derrick, John May, Valeria, GabeB, Jason, Finners and Thunderstruck2. 

This list is compared to the previous wars list.  Anyone who hasn't attacked once in the last two wars gets kicked.  In this case, only Finners hasn't.

The second list is of those not keeping up with the 3/1 donation ratio.  Keep in mind, anyone who has a red 'new' next to thier name is exempt from this list. 

Donation Violation Members, Icabod540, Beast, Talus, GabeB, T57, Gaylord and Herminio.

This list gets cross referenced with list one.  Anyone who's name is on both gets kicked.  In this case, Icabod540, Talus and GabeB.

Therefore, I am kicking the following members...

Finners, Talus, Icabod540 and Gabe B.  These members are welcome back if they plan on being more active. 

Please note that I have changed one rule, all players must keep a 3/1 ratio reguardless of total number.  This is a rather easy thing to do, if you receive 15, you should donate at least 5. 

This is all for now!  Thanks for reading and keeping current with the clan!

See you in anotha' life brotha'!


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