• Theclasher

    So, title says it all. I just want to share some tested layout strategies, and cover some do's and don'ts. It aggrivates me when I see town hall 7s with town hall 4 worthy defenses, so I also am going to vent a bit on that.


    Funneling- Ok, heres something that I have tested and found very helpful. What it is is basically the placement of traps and walls to make troops swarm over a trap and (hopefully) be wiped out. Heres an example of a funneling method I currently use:

    It works best with those pesky giants, who go from defense to defense since they are close together. P.S. My defenses aren't actually that level I just used clash of clans builder :P

    Anyways, learn the AI of different troops and manipulate them into following a rigged…

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  • Theclasher

    OK... So, this is my first post on the wiki, and I thought I'd discuss a topic I've become rather intrested in. Farming. I'm TH6 (yeah, I know, pretty low), yet I've been vigirously farming. I have more than 1 million gold and 350k elixer (just  upgraded barracks to healers) and I started 2 days ago. How you ask? I'd just like to share some views and tips, since most know all about this. 

    1. Trophies

    Ok, I'll leave this topic short. After testing out a few ranges, I found anywhere from 775-820 is good. If you search a bit, you can find pretty bad bases with a good amount of loot. I find anywhere from 50k-150k, but I sometimes use part of my army on the plenty 20k-30k easy bases. 

    2. Army

    I'm keeping this short too. I have 135 slots as of now, …

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