So, title says it all. I just want to share some tested layout strategies, and cover some do's and don'ts. It aggrivates me when I see town hall 7s with town hall 4 worthy defenses, so I also am going to vent a bit on that.


Funneling- Ok, heres something that I have tested and found very helpful. What it is is basically the placement of traps and walls to make troops swarm over a trap and (hopefully) be wiped out. Heres an example of a funneling method I currently use:


The troops (especially giants) walk through the hole rather then breaking the wall, setting off the spring trap.

It works best with those pesky giants, who go from defense to defense since they are close together. P.S. My defenses aren't actually that level I just used clash of clans builder :P

Anyways, learn the AI of different troops and manipulate them into following a rigged (but unobvious path). One of the most effective (and costly) methods is funneling troops into a giant bomb.

Something you should avoid doing: One of the most avoidable funneling methods are "entry halls." Why? How is a long path filled with traps not good? Well, it is kinda obvious its rigged. Why on earth would anyone do that without traps? Someone can easily send a goblin or two to trigger all the traps as they run down the hall, and with their speed they probably will trigger everything. Once those traps are set off, there is a large gateway for troops to OBLITERATE your base.


"Cells," or pockets, are one of the best strategies to incorperate into your base. What it is is seperating your base into sections. It is harder to breach than a single wall, as troops have to go through many walls to destroy your base. Your town hall, storages and mortars are the first things you should put in cells. They should be seperated into two or three cells, but not their own or you wont have walls for other things. Don't bother putting your town hall in it's own cell, since it's at the center of your base your probably done for by then. Your defenses like cannons and towers should be in the outer cells. 


Ok, I think I'll make this the last section for now. The area in which troops can spawn is very important. I spread out my extra buildings as far away from eachother and the walls as they can go. I have people attacking me and they don't even make it all the way to the walls because their troops are too busy destroying the outer buildings. 

Some things new players should know:

I have made this mistake and I'm sure we all have. Decoratons and the edge of the map DO NOT WORK if you use it as your wall. Neither do obstacles, but its understood if in the early stages you can't afford to remove that rock that costs 30k. But for your sake, try to keep your walls closed.

So about the town hall situation I mentioned in the beginning...

Why. Why. Why on earth would you upgrade to town hall 9 with level 4 defense? And I'm not over exaggerating, I once saw a level 30 with a town hall 9 with a mess of walls in between levels 1 and 3. His defenses were level 5 tops, plus he had about 800 trophies. It was a complete mess, he pretty much ruined his game. Here's some upgrading guidelines which I hope everyone agrees with:

1. Your walls should be no less than one level under your town hall level. For example, at town hall 6, you should have all level 5 walls (gold ones). 

2. Your defenses should be COMPLETELY upgraded, but one level under max is acceptable.

3. Anything army related should be fully upgraded, including the lab and all troops upgradeable, and the camps. The spell factory is optional.

4. Upgrade pumps and mines to the max.

Once you meet these 4 requirements, I think you should move up a town hall.

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