OK... So, this is my first post on the wiki, and I thought I'd discuss a topic I've become rather intrested in. Farming. I'm TH6 (yeah, I know, pretty low), yet I've been vigirously farming. I have more than 1 million gold and 350k elixer (just  upgraded barracks to healers) and I started 2 days ago. How you ask? I'd just like to share some views and tips, since most know all about this. 

1. Trophies

Ok, I'll leave this topic short. After testing out a few ranges, I found anywhere from 775-820 is good. If you search a bit, you can find pretty bad bases with a good amount of loot. I find anywhere from 50k-150k, but I sometimes use part of my army on the plenty 20k-30k easy bases. 

2. Army

I'm keeping this short too. I have 135 slots as of now, and my army is or is close to this:

- 9 lvl 3 giants

-Archer and goblin count varies, but each is somewhere between 30-40, maybe sometimes more or less. It varies based on time and elixer, but it evens out. Lvl 3 archers and lvl 2 goblins.

- I use 5 lvl 2 wallbreakers. Feel free to change this number. I usually dont need them, but they're good in case I run into a 70k base with level 5 walls.

Of course, that is what I use. Most times I don't even need the entire army. It takes me about 15 minutes.

3. Strategy

Planning can make or break a raid. Thats why I follow guidelines when looking for a base:

- Loot MUST pay back army cost and total gold spent looking for a base. 

- Don't go for anything where you know you will not get most or all of the loot.

- Since most players on this level are a bit shaky with base design, look for badly placed storages.

- Try to go for bases with full pumps and mines and empty storages.

As for the army, I think by now you should know what to do with it. Giants, followed by wb, then archers and gobs spread out in many small groups.

4. Your base

I cannot believe how many times I've helped get my newer clanmembers into farming and have to tell them to cell their bases!!!! One huge wall will lose you all the loot you worked to get! My base has 6 compartments. 2 have a single storage, 2 have storages with defenses, and 2 are all defenses. Heres a breakdown till I get a pic:

 -1. Gold storage

 -2. Elixer storage

 -3. Gold storage, mortar, wizard tower, air defense

-4. Elixer storage, mortar, wizard tower, clan castle

-5. 2 archer towers and a cannon

-6. 2 cannons and an archer tower

See? The enemy would have to get through a series of walls to get to the storages. 

Well, that's it for how I farm. In some ways, I kinda put this up for advice, in others I just wanted to share my succesful strategy with fellow TH6s. This has gotten me over 1million gold over the weekend and 1 million elixer, which i spent. Now, I have a suitable 350k after a few hours of raiding. Post results, advice, and anything I should add in the comments.

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