Clash Of Clans troop strategies

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This is a guide to help make your clash of clans journey a lot easier and a lot funner. I will be describing how to attack with each individual unit in the game from the order in which they are unlocked in the barracks. I will also be showing you how to defend against each particular unit as well. If you can mix the defending and attacking strategies together, you should have a good attack plan and a indestructible base! I hope this helps you all out! 😊 Visit Thejackalbe on youtube here: Or on facebook here:

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I am happy for anyone out there to fix any grammar, spelling etc errors that they find in this article. However, please notify me if you want to change something or write an extra piece into the article, and wait until i get back to you. Thanks.


Attacking with barbarians-Barbarians are the "main" troop in the game and is the first unlocked when the barracks are built. They are cheap and have more health then goblins and archers, so the are useful in groups, and are good for raiding resources and trophies. When attacking, your main enemy is wizard towers and mortars, as they do splash damage and can destroy all of your troops in no time. You can also use Barbarians as meat shields. This means that you should preferably deploy the barbarians first and then deploy the remaining troops to do some extra damage while the barbarians are getting targeted. Try to take out these defences first, it will make your job a lot easier. If these defences are in the centre of the base, its not in your best interest to attack unless you have high level army camps or barbarians.

Defending against barbarians-when defending from barbarians, remember your mortars and wizard towers are your best friends. Try to use your walls, to make a particular path, and block them in an area surrounded by walls. Then surround the area with mortars and wizard towers, that way, they won't have any place to go and your defences can mow them down. Also make sure that you surround your splash damage defences, with other defences (cannons, archer towers, hidden telsa's etc) making it harder for the barbarians to take care of your main defences.


Trapping units with walls

Troops take the path shown, then, as they head close enough, the wizard towers and mortars blow em' to bits

Attacking with archers-archers are one of the most popular troop, as they are low in cost and have a ranged attack. The archers are also very vulnerable to the splash damage defences, and have lower health, making these defences even more dangerous. A good way to avoid these defences getting the upper hand, is putting multiple archer all around the base, so they attack from all sides, making splash defences target only a few units at a time. Never put archers in groups unless you have taken out the splash defences.

Defending against archers-when defending remember that although archers have ranged attacks, its on 3 squares, meaning if you place walls around your base, then have a space, then put another set of walls around that, archer cannot damage your buildings, until they destroy the outer layer. Also try to herd get archers into a space where mortars and wizard towers can take them out easily.


Attacking with goblins-goblins are a resource raiders best friend. And they have some of the best qualities out of all the units. Remember that goblins are the fastest unit in the game, which is good for a swift attack. Again like the first two units, goblins have very low health, but, the are so fast that they can normally outrun a mortar. Make sure that your goblins are protected with other troops, and make a path directly to the resources (if that's the case). Send goblins in small packs-around 5-10 per pack-and send them in to get the resources. Remember, goblins do 2x damage to resources, so you don't need to go overboard and buy hundreds of goblins.

Defending against goblins-make sure if a resources person (like me) put all of your resource collectors/storages In the centre of your base, making the goblins job a lot harder. Also remember that goblins are to fast for traps(besides hidden teslas), so bombs, spring traps, and giant bombs won't work. Try to lure goblins into a confined space and then blow them to bits with mortars and wizard towers.


Attacking with giants-giants could be one of the most useful units in the game as they attack defences and have a monster amount of health. Send giants in to attack in about packs of 20, and use healers or healing spells to keep them going. Do not send giants in one by one, as they don't do a lot of damage, and won't be useful, send them in in large number for full effectiveness. Try to find a base that don't have chambers, but have just one wall, this will make winning a lot easier...

Defending against giants-giants main enemy's are wizard towers, archer towers, and cannons. Upgrade these defences first if giants are a big problem for you. Try to make small chambers in your base, as giants are slow and them have to break numerous walls to get to your defences. If giants are becoming a pest in your area, try asking your clan castle mates for balloons/dragons as they do splash damage, and giants can't stop them.

Wall breakers

Attacking with wall breakers-wall breakers really only have one use, as the name implies, they destroy walls. They are the first troop that does splash damage that you will unlock. Try to cover wall breakers when they run in to blow up the walls, as they have extremely low health. If wall breakers are seeming like a waste of space for you, request some in your clan but be warned, once you place the clan castle down in battle, all wall breakers will come out. Try using wall breaks to achieve your goal: if you want trophies, deploy wall breakers closer to the town hall. If you want resources, deploy them closer to collectors/storages
Anti Wall breaker Walls

As you can see, wall breaker will have a harder time getting throughout these walls

Defending against wall breakers-the main way to protect against wall breakers would be to upgrade your walls (duh :D). You can also place obstacles in front of walls (like collectors, army camps, barracks etc) so the wall breakers have to run a longer distance to get to your walls. Also place two sets of walls, with a one square space between them, so the attacker has to use more wall breakers. Do not put walls directly in front of each other because wall breakers do splash damage.


Attacking with balloons-balloons are the slowest unit in the game, but can dish out a lot of damage. Remember balloons have very low health, so it's best to use them in groups, or have a distraction. Your main weakness with balloons would be the air defence, as a good air defence can destroy your balloons within 4-7 hits. try the send your balloons in at all angles, making wizard towers useless, but remember that a good air defence could ruin everything.

Defending against balloons-When defending your base from balloons, an air defence is the most useful defence (no way!). Put your air defence, near the centre of your base, and surround them with other defences, making it harder for balloons to get to your air defence and giving your air defence more range. Also use wizard towers to your advantage as they do splash damage. A well placed wizard tower can destroy a flock of balloons, or just lower their health for air defences and archer towers to take out. If there is a weak spot in your defence where air defences or archer tower etc range don't reach, remember your still have the option to use traps like air bombs or seeking air mines (and hidden telsas, although its not classified as a trap).


Attacking with wizards-wizards deal a very high amount of damage, but have very low health. Wizards are very good for trophy hunters, as their high cost means their not the best option for resource raiding. When attacking, look out for mortars and ironically, wizard towers. These defences can make short work of your wizards. If the base has low level splash damage defences, send wizards in in packs, if the splash damage defences are high levels, try surrounding the base with wizards so its hard to target groups of wizards.

Defending against wizards-wizards main disadvantage is their low health. Use this to your advantage. Try keeping defences like archer towers and cannons on the outside, whilst keep your mortars and wizard towers on the inside. Remember wizards have ranged attacks, so try setting out your walls like the first picture up there^^^. If you are requesting troops, don't ask for balloons and dragons, as wizards can make short work of them. Instead, try asking for archers, barbarians, and if your clan castle members are REALLY nice, a Pekka or Golem.


Attacking with healers-as you know healers can't attack, so maybe the title should be healing with healers? All well. Healers have a reasonably good amount of health, so archer and wizard towers should not be a problem. Try waiting until other troops destroy the air defence, then send in your healer(s). Only use healers when your attacking with ground troops (duh). Also try sending in other troops in packs, so the healer can heal them all at once.

Defending against healers-when defending against healers, try putting your air defence in the centre of your base, as stated with balloons. Also try asking clan members for archers, wizards, or maybe dragons. Air bombs and seeking air mines prove very effective against healers. Try placing these traps on the outside of your base to destroy healers before they can heal any other troops.


Attacking with Dragons-dragons have a lot of health and can dish out a lot of damage, plus, they can fly. This means once again, air defences will be your biggest problems. But a group of dragons can usually overtake air defences easily. Also try sending dragons in pairs. Because dragons deal so much damage, that two of them can normally take out a building in one hit. Try taking some barbarians or archers with you, because a bunch archers or wizards could mess up you plans. Deploy your ground troops to destroy these suprize guests. And also, take out the players inferno tower(s) because after a while they can easily destroy your dragons

Defending against dragons-when defending against these flying terrors, make sure your air defences are level 3+. Try placing wizard towers reasonably close together, so they can completely deplete dragon health, making your other defence's jobs a lot easier. Seeking air mines can dramatically lower a dragons health, but only buy this trap if you have at least one dark elixir drill. Try putting hidden telsas in places that you think players will deploy their dragons, as the tesla can then surprise and destroy. Try placing inferno towers surrounded by air defences for full on dragon destruction!


Attacking with pekkas-every clasher dreams of one day having control over pekkas and dominating everyone who stands in their way. Pekkas are the no.1 troop you can use, but come at a high cost. Try spreading pekkas out, and don't have to many bunched together. Also look out for 2X2 spaces, as you know there might be a hidden tesla lurking there, try deploying a few troops that attack defences, and get rid of the tesla(s). Make sure your attacking a base with a load of elixir, as pekkas are the most expensive troop there is, the last thing you want is finishing a successful attack, but don't have the elixir to train some fresh pekkas. Try taking out the players inferno tower (if present)

Defending against pekkas-dont flip out when you start getting players dominating you with pekkas, there are ways to avoid this. Here, hidden telsas are your main defence. Try upgrading them as fast as you can, as the do 2x damage to pekkas. Try making a bunch of 2X2 areas surrounded with walls, making your attacker think there is a tesla there. Also, fill in some of these spaces with giant bombs or other traps, giving attackers not so pleasant surprises. Also try using wizard towers and hidden telsas together or next to each other, as this tactic normally can destroy pekkas. Also, if your a high level, use inferno tower to your advantage because it can easily take out a pekka. Try placing your inferno tower in the centre of your base, surrounding it with other buildings.


Attacking with Minions- Minions are the least expensive and first dark elixer troop in the dark barracks. Minions are flying unITS, But don't have much health, which means unlike the other flying units, wizard towers and archer towers will be your biggest problem, as you can usually destroy an air defence using 5-10 minions. Try taking out these with other troops, or place 1-2 giants near a few wizard towers and archer towers to distract the defences, and spawn some minions to take them out

Defending with Minions- when defending against minions, try to spread out your archer towers and wizard towers all around your base. Try to centre these defences, making the minions attack other structures first, giving your defences time to take them out. Also, try centring your air defence as well, as they are not as effective, but do normally take out minions with one hit

Hog Riders

Attacking with hog riders-when you think about it, hog riders to have some air unit attributes as they can jump over walls. This means that the only thing you need to worry about are defences. Hog riders can usually get past mortar shells, so your main enemys are cannons, wizard towers and spring traps. Try to distract cannons and wizard towers with other units, perhaps use giants to distract the wizard towers and barbarians to distract the cannons, then send in your hog riders. Try attacking by using a 'surrounding' tactic, that is, spawn hogs all around the base, confusing defences and spreading out your hog riders, so they are not grouped together when a spring trap goes of.

Defending against hog riders-when defending against hog riders, there is no need to use walls (though still do upgrade them, as it will slow down most ground troops) so try surrounding your cannons/wizard towers with traps, as hogs will be attracted to defences you can get rid of a lot of them using spring traps and giant bombs. Remember to spread out defences as much as possible, as hogs are a very hard unit to defend against. If there was one way to use mortars to your advantage here, try to use a triangle formations, and that way hogs get knocked around whislt they are attacking other defences, slowing them down and depleting their health.

Hope you guys enjoyed!