• I was born on March 27
  • My occupation is Drawing, Birdwaching, and NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY!!!
  • I am Male
  • Thewizard03

    Join Plasma Dragons!!!

    We are an active 800+ trophy clan in need of members! plz no hoppers!

    r clan has a no cussing or offence rule. elder is earned by donating 50 troops.

    We NEED members plz join look for silver 3 player Samuel to find us.

    Plz ACTIVE members only!

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  • Thewizard03

    I am at the moment in silver league 3 and gaining trophies. But I just wanted to spend a little time on the wiki of the BEST game EVER. My clan is Plasma Dragons please join us if you have 800+ trophies. My user name is Samuel to help you find the right clan. On this blog I am posting EPIC troop/building ideas!

    This is my first drawing it is the "Barbarian Cave"

    The barbarian cave will allow you to store 10 barbarians at a time to help attack or fend off enemies. You can reload it every hour and iot gains 5 storage every time it is upgraded.

    Here is another EPIC idea for a troop.

    The phoenix does twice as much damage every 5 hits though it only has 1200 hit points. It shoots fire bolts from its wings making enemies blow up.

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