• Tomlos

    1. Thoroughly study the base you are attacking.

    Certain base designs are specifically designed to give opposing attackers trouble should they decide to use a GoWiPe-style attack. The most common attribute of these bases is the use of "funneling" in one form or another.

    2. Don't drop the Pekkas too early!

    VERY common mistake that I often see my fellow clan members make is they drop their Pekkas far too early, causing them to veer off to the left and right and completely ruin their attack.

    3. Don't drop all your Wall Breakers at once!

    Failure to do this will shave crucial time off the clock and potentially do enough damage to your Golems and Wizards for it to be impossible to recover. Drop them in packs of 2 or 3!

    4. Be meticulous in spell placeme…

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  • Tomlos

    "These annoying little animals have only eyes to begin with: LOOT! They're quicker than a Spring Trap, as well as their hunger for assets is unlimited."

    Goblins are ideal for stealing assets. First, use Wall Breakers to obvious a path to Storages and Mines/Enthusiasts. Then, use Barbarians, Titans or other greater-health models to draw attention away from Mortars and Wizard Towers as the Goblins deplete the assets. Or simply destroy the splash-damage protection first.

    An alternative choice to Wall Breakers may be the Jump Spell, which will help guide Goblins within the walls and into the riches inside, this really is a lot more costly.

    Like Archers, the Goblin's finest weakness is splash-harmful structures (i.e. Wizard Towers, Mortars). Most …

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