Hey guys, I'm Tommy (you don't say?) and I love COC (that's what she said) or Clash of Clans for clean people. My username is POOTIS and I'm an average player. I play on my iPad all the time and making good. As of the 1st of June, I am level 45 and at level 7 Town Hall. I have a Barb King, Dragon, Minion and working on farming, upgrading troops and finishing the campagin (spelt it wrong lol) Some of you might of seen me in attacks, clans or global chat. I USED TO A BE HOPPER BEFORE LEVEL 7 TOWN HALL. Now I'm a farmer, with a straw in my mouth watchin' those trophy boys come by and destory that town hall on top a mountain of gold surround by a moat of elixir. Now I'm a good fellow so don't go all caps raging on me. And yes, I've had some Wikipedia experince before so I'm new to this wiki but not new to the system. And I've been playing COC since the Hidden Tesla came out (August 2012) I hope to meet some great clashers. CLASH ON!!!!

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