• ToxicInheat

    Hey guys i just made a new TH7 and above strategy

    For this strategy you need

    4 Dragons (LV2)  COST:120K

    30 Minions (LV1)  COST:180 DE

    12 Balloons (LV4)  COST:42K

    TOTAL COST:162K AND 180 DE

    Space needed 200 

    Choose between                                      

    2 rage spells 1 heal spell (Minimum level 3)  COST:72K

    2 heal spells 1 rage (Minimum level 3)  COST:63K

    Or 3 lightning spells to take out strongest air defence (Minimum lv 4)  COST:60K

    This helps when going against th7 bases depending what level your troops are,I mainly use this strategy in war when im going against bases with low level air defence or 1 high level air defence and 1 low level air defence,

    This strategy is cheaper than max dragons but not as good, but it will get you 2 to 3 stars.REALLY GO…

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