Clan name: tru killers Symbol: Blue Background with Yellow Flame

Welcome to tru killers. We are an active and warring clan. We are searching for members who are active and use both attacks for war. Our clan consists of friendly, and generally young players. We donate up to level 5 troops, including wizards. We also donate level 3 dragons and dark troops up to golems for wars. We are open to anyone player, regardless of level as long as they are active. I am open to give advice to any blossoming player, and am friendly to any new member. The clan has a general no cussing rule. Members of tru killers must donate to lower players, and only donate to higher players if they request. To stay in the clan, you must donate at least 50 troops/ cycle. Elder is earned at 150 troops, and co- leader is earned by trust, loyalty and good donations. Attack in wars or be kicked. I look forward to seeing you!

About the clan: Leader: Tyler Pinto (Me) Highest level: Tyler Pinto level 78 Number of Member: 16 Current Trophies: 7782

How to Apply: To apply, simply ask to join on the clan page. It is anyone can join, so you will be automatically accepted.

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