TH6 Attacking Strategies

-BARCH At Town Hall Level 6 you have access to 3 level 6 army camps totaling your army composition at 150 max. Barch is basically a combination of barbarians to tank the damage from things like cannons and archers for DPS. Barch is a very effective strategy up until town hall level 8. At TH6 you can also hold a few spells. The spells you use depend on how you place your troops and how many of each you will use. In my opinion fill your highest level barracks with barbarians and the others with archers. Deploy the barbarians first and archers behind them. Barbarians are great at soaking up damage from defenses like mortars as the archers are and range DPS.

Gibarin This is an effective strategy mainly for farming. Should not be used for trophy pushing. Fill all barracks, one dedicated to one troop type. Use one for giants, one for archers and the other goblins. Spells should be both heal for giants to tank as long as possible. Then main goal of this strategy is to steal a lot of gold and elixir with goblins and archers while giants take the damage. This is similar to barch in which the barbarians take the damage for the archers.

Giwiz Pronounced "gee whiz" as you will be using giants and wizards. This strategy is pretty useful for both trophy pushing and farming. Fill a barracks with giants and the others with wizards. This takes a while as giants are 2 minutes each and wizards are 8 each. But it is useful on the right bases. Look for bases that are not symmetrical. Attack from its weakest side, but deploy carefully as some bases nowadays are designed to make you attack with wizards and archers only to have bombs and springs waiting for you. Also bring some spells, I would say one of each at TH6.

Swarm This is not the worst strategy ever, but you will basically just use one or two giants and the rest infantry (goblins archers and barbarians). This is called swarm because you will basically swarm the gold and elixir with infantry while the giants take a little bit of damage. This isn't as effective as other strategies but if you decide to use it you may like the results in trophies and loot. Bring a few spells, I suggest one of each, or both healing.

MegaPush You will train a few barracks full of giants and the rest healers. Fill in any extra space with infantry. Deploy giants on the weakest corner of a base. Then drop the healers shortly after. Bring lightning spells in case the nearest air defense is hard to destroy as these will destroy your healers with ease rendering giants useless. This strategy should be used on compact bases. If you have low level healers or giants bring a few wallbreakers as well.

RangeDPSalltheway This strategy should be used to get some easy loot on the outside of the walls. Fill barracks with wizards and archers. It does not matter an exact amount. This can also be used for a quick 1 or 2 star. Not usually will this get you a 3 star victory as the archers and wizards will not take much damage. Bring along a few spells of your choice.

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