TH8 Attacking Strategies

BARCH This is probably the last time you will be using BARCH for farming or trophy pushing. At TH8 you have up to 200 troop capacity and 4 barracks. Train barbarians in 2 barracks, and archers in the other, add a few wall breakers or Giants if you want. Deploy barbarians first to take damage and then archers for damage. Bring along rage spells they will be SUPER useful. Using rage spells doubles damage and some speed. The infantry will be able to pierce right into the base.

Aerial Assault This is a great way to earn loot but it has a set army. I have made this attack COMPLETELY from the popular balloonion. 18 balloons to take down towers and to tank, 1 healer for your hero, a dragon for dps and tank, 35 minions for dps, and 6 infantry units to clear a few buildings and lure troops, do this before attacking. Deploy balloons first and aim for the nearest wizard tower or air defense. Drop all off your minions and dragons after that. Drop the hero and then a healer. Use rage spells on these units and a lightning spell for any clan castle troops. This strategy is so good at getting loot and trophies, I was at 1100 trophy with farming base. I went up to 1500 without trying for trophies.

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