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  • UrbanSausage

    The troops you want in your army composition are: - Archers - th5+ wizards - Giants - Goblins - hog riders (if you want to replace the giants)

    Spells - Heal spells and/or rage spells

    NOTE: I didn't add the number of troops because it will vary due to the amount you can hold. Also the heal and rage spells are optional.

    Step 1. Find a base that has their defenses near resource(s) that you want.

    Step 2. Start off by placing an archer near the clan castle to check for clan castle troops. If there are any, place a few archers to distract them and eliminate them using a few wizards.

    Step 3. Place a giant or hog rider to check for traps in the area then place the rest of you Giants or hog riders in a line. When you giants or hog riders are being tar…

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  • UrbanSausage

    Hi there! I just started playing clash of clans and I am already addicted! I am looking for a clan with these requirements: - non stop war

    - friendly - very active - donates a lot - minimum trophies is at 0 - mature

    Please comment to this post if you are willing to let me join. Please make sure you include the name of your clan and the banner (what colour it is or design). Thanks!

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