You all know that Quantam's Chaos is a feeder clan to the big leaderboard clan Quantam's Web, an all time leader. It may be 38th today, but it has still made his name immortal in the realm. I met aeoni,from Quantam's Chaos in the global. In general he is a max th10 in champion league. He is level 125 and has 3323 trophies. Many people wanted to join his clan. He kindly replyed to them saying "You are low leveled" He also told that everyone in his clan was there from an year. When he was asked whether he gemmed, he told that yes he gemmed, like all other top players. He told that it is tough staying there and without gemming don't expect to be there. We asked him about why everyone has almost the same base. He told that it is effective against both gowiwi and lavanoonisation. He told that he personnaly used gowipe.

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