I will be inactive, as school are starting. I may come once in a while, but wont be as active. Anyways I reached 2000 edits! And here's what I want to say on my friends(don't go on the order)


Ahh... A good friend of mine on the wiki. He is my clan mate too in a way(rockthepeng is currently inactive due to some reasons)


Another good friend of mine, one of my best friends on the wiki, along with magma. Love the chats with him


A Golem. A very friendly one. Helps me with things. Maybe the nextFireball MHC


Man, get some rest. Once my best friend. Still my good friend. Scolds me a lot.


Such a big rusher........... Oh, I just realized that this is 890, not 147 :P. A great friend of mine. Love the chats with him too. Remember the april fools joke?


Another good friend, but now inactive. I need that birthday photo rock. Does this remind you anything stan?


Always reverts my edits. This gives me chance to improve my edits. Anyways, keep the good work on!


Ah.. a level 3 dragon(lol). A friend too.


Son of firedragon 2, he is no 3. He reminds me various things. And yes, a good friend.


As the legend goes, he was possessed, and the whole community fought him, to take the ghost out. Lol. He is a very nice person at heart.

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