I need some help.

I play COC now for almost 8 months and I have a question about finding enemy's when you attack.

My friend has just start playing for 4 months now and he is almost past me by. And I asked him how do you do it? And he said: i just only find enemy's with over 150 k over gold and elixer. And when he started to search he has to press at max 50 times.

So how can it be that i lost yesterday over 300k of gold just to find someone with over 150 k of gold and elixer.

And when my buddy is looking for enemy's he also find a lot of guys were he can steal over 250 k of gold.

It never happen to me. So my question is: can I do something about it? Or is it just bad luck.

I think it is a little bit unfair and i really like this game

I'm not american of english so sorry if i am making some grammer mistakes, i hope you folks got a answer for me.

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