• Vidgameboss

    My Best Farming Army

    March 17, 2017 by Vidgameboss

    One of my favorite armies for farming is a configuration of the cheaper selection of troops. This will work for the Town Hall 7, 8, and maybe 9. 


    • 6 wall breakers
    • 12 giants
    • 15 barbarians 
    • devide the rest of your unit space up evenly with archers and goblins


    • 2 rage
    • 1 heal

    Clan Castle:

    • go for wizards or healer

    I hope this helped, as I am new to this community please post comments on how I could improve or if you think this is a good army configuration!

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  • Vidgameboss

    Hello, I am new to this site and  want to ask a question on how to run a clan. 

    I am leader of a level 2 war clan and am wondering how to get my members to attack in war, any tips?


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