Are you? I know I was. Then i learned the almost undeafeatable trick. Archers barbaians and a few goblin. Don't believe me? Well I'll explain. It is all in chosing the right base.

Picking the right base

People think about putting their defences in the right spot, but what most don;t think about is "Is there about 50% of my base outside of my walls?" It might look like it  is a no. But really there probably is 50%outside your base. Ju st count your buildings. This cheap and effeciant army take care of that.


Save your archers for last. THe barbarian will do the handy work. They do more damage and have more health. Rule number one: don't spam them around the base. "Focus" your power on one spot. That doesn't mean putting them down in one spot, but not spamming so much that they go for sifferent buildings. We aren't going fo rthe town hall. We are going for the 50%. Be smart on how many troops you put down. Barracks have low health along with Laboratories.Don't put your barbarians next to a resource or a collector put golbins there for the most use. When you have all your troops dead, destroy any reamaining buildings with archers. Place one down on every building to see which are free bees. and deploy 7-9 on any "non-free bees". We also saved the archers for last so they can shoot over the walls for any remaining %s that we need.


Your base layout is an important factor. Tip: if you are getting 3 stared and losing all your loot, put your town hall on the outside. I probably can't convince you with my words, but think to yourself, why am I telling you to put your town hall on the outside. Make sure there are no defences protecting it whatsoever. If you still don't get it, post in the comments below.

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