Everybody is always excited for the new updates, but there are complaints that all the updates do to the higher town hall level. Do you think that this is so? PLease post int he comments below.

Ok, now that thats out of the way, there are a few things that can be addad that i think will be benificial to the game.

"Recruiting lists"

When you are in a small clan it is sometimes anoying that no one will want to join. Well I've come up with an idea to fix that. When you leave a clan, you can go into your clan castle and send a "public" request to join clans that require how every many trophies you want. Now the elders and leaders of a clan should have access to a list of people who are willing to join a clan of their trophie requirement. Then they can just invite people that they want to invite.


Have you ever changed your village for some reason wearther you were starting to farm or stating to trophie hunt, then decided that the old base was a better one? Well in village edit mode, there would no wbe a blueprint icon with when clicked on, gives you a history of your base designs and a group of blueprints that you can save. You can also post blueprint ideas out to the public for people who need help.

"Battle Scores"

When you have a ton of gold or elixir, you might have no idea what to upgrade. Well sure you might have a order you like upgrading your buildins in, but does that really benifiet you the most? Well, my idea is that you can select a few battles then hit a "show" button and next to every building there will be a number that represents how many times that building has been destroyed throughout those battles. This includes walls also.

Great Buildings & Clan Points

My idea is that whenevery you join a clan, you get 1 clan point every hour witha max of 10 points. THese points are for building and upgrading your or other clanmates' great buildings. Great buildings are buildings that give you a "bonus" For instince, you can have a great building that gives your troops 2% more damage at level one and 4% more damage at level 2 ect. There can also be extra loot bonuses and gem bonuses. You can rewuest for your firends to help give clan points to your building or you can do it yourself.

Some great buildings can be the statue of a wizard or a temple of the witch. Each unlocked at different town hall level.

Blue Prints

To build your great building(s) you must get 9 blueprints you get them from donating troops. Of course you wiill still have to pay for your builder to work and you will still need guild points to get it to level 1.

COC's Anniversary

I think for COC's next anniversery, builder huts should only cost 10% of the original amount. Plain and simple.

Please tell me what you think about these ideas and clash on!

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