• Wasabitrooper

    Dear Supercell, me and my team of co-players really enjoy the dark elixir troops you have implemented into the game, and we decided to give you 2 to 3  ideas on the possible next 2 or 3 dark troops. So here is the first of them (we tried to think of it, while relating and comparing the idea to the existing ones.) 1st suggestion-Dark Barracks lv. 6, which introduce the Bone Dragon. We thought that: its health is 1450 (base), (lower because it is dead), and is going up until 2200 hitpoints on lv.4. Base look: Similar to normal dragon with some major differences like: big ribcage instead of the body, bony tail, massive skull with two horns at the back of the head, and wings that are skeletal and don't have any skin between them.

    Dark Barracks…

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