Dear Supercell, me and my team of co-players really enjoy the dark elixir troops you have implemented into the game, and we decided to give you 2 to 3  ideas on the possible next 2 or 3 dark troops. So here is the first of them (we tried to think of it, while relating and comparing the idea to the existing ones.) 1st suggestion-Dark Barracks lv. 6, which introduce the Bone Dragon. We thought that: its health is 1450 (base), (lower because it is dead), and is going up until 2200 hitpoints on lv.4. Base look: Similar to normal dragon with some major differences like: big ribcage instead of the body, bony tail, massive skull with two horns at the back of the head, and wings that are skeletal and don't have any skin between them.

File:Dragon Skeleton.jpg

Dark Barracks Level 6 will obtain a new look like this example: The sticks on the side are swapped for a black tome lying on a table of dark crystal (that is used on a level 7 Wizard Tower), suggesting the study of dark arts. The two skulls on each side dissapear, giving place to two purple essence crystals, the columns change the black texure to the white-grey, and the axe with hammer give place to a top half of a dragon skull, showing that this type of troop is trained on this level of Dark Barracks. The upgrade will be available on town hall lv.9, with cost being 3,250,000 to 3,500,000 elixir and the time 10 days (this also puts an idea that TH lv.10 owners can have a 3rd Dark Barrack for further progress).

The housing space will be 15 (3 giants' amount), meaning that you can have up to 15 Bone Dragons in fully upgraded camps (17 if you include two more that can be donated and kept in fully upgraded clan castle). It will have an attack of 110 points on base level, increasing to 170 points when on lv. 4. Levels 1-2, the dragon is just a white skeleton with purple eyes. Levels 3-4, the dragon turns a bit more grey, it's horns, claws, wing tips and tip of the tail will turn into purple crystal similar to Golem's back on lv.5. Being a dragon, it will be a flying unit (while flying, trails of dark essence can come from it), however, unlike dragons, it will go for defences straight away similar to Giants, Balloons, and Golems. Also, like most dark barrack's troops, it will have a special attack that is similar to the Freeze Spell. Example, the bone dragon is flying over the cannon. It will spray purple (or light blue) fire over it, stopping the cannon from shooting, as well as dealing damage. Since it is a high class troop, the base level will require 800 dark elixir, going to 1600 for lv.4 bone dragon. The time of training will be 30 mins, just like the normal dragon.

It can be researched from lv.7 laboratory (lv.2), going to laboratory lv.8 (lv.3-4). Lv.2 research cost can be 90000 dark elixir (11 days), going to 105000 on lv.3 research (13 days), and then to 120000 on lv.4 research (14 days). Our team has more suggestions, but this (we think) is our best one yet. We hope that this idea will be appreciated by Supercell and followed by an answer, so please answer us after considering this idea. Thank you very much Supercell for the great game you gave a lot of people!