• Whitemare or an extremely, I dont know


    Mr. denial

    Health: No



    favrite target:No

    training time:No


    Health: Infinite

    dps: infinite

    speed: infinite

    favorite target: your sanity

    training time: Unknown but probably an ETERNITY!!!!

    AD: KFC 20pc basket for $5

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  • Whitemare or an extremely, I dont know

    Some people wonder what it is like to be a villager, but a machine allows you to basically be a villager (called VR)

    Here are some tips on being a villager;

    1. Dont eat fruit from a tree, you turn into a rock after consumption.

    2. Do clap to everything other than other villagers.

    3. Do restrict the expelling of your waste to the forest.

    4. Doing so in front of soldiers gets you killed, with others just exiled.

    5. Dont eat anything that is made from elixir or it's dark counterpart.

    6. Dont have sexual interactions in anyway, and dont mention it either.

    7. Dont walk into the clan castle.

    8. Dont eat or drink outside the town hall.

    9. Do respect the builders, they work with no pay.

    10. Dont run unless the village is invaded.

    11. Dont argue in public peri…

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  • Whitemare or an extremely, I dont know

    Like buildings, troops in COC can have weird, op, or downright crazy suggestions

    Here are craziest troop suggestions I came up with (these will be stated as lvl1)



    Speed: 1 tile per second

    Health: depends on how much it ate

    Favorite target: the building that contains the most food, namely, the town hall

    Housing space:20

    Training time:3 months (hippos are stupid)

    2.Paper wasp


    Speed:1,000,000 tiles per second


    Favorite target: wizard towers (1,000,000x damage plus immunity)

    Housing space:0.00000000001635284757816352847578.....

    Training time: 1 yocto second (10^-24 second)




    Health:0 (die when deployed)

    Favorite target:0

    Training time:0

    Housing space:0



    Speed: 1,333,736,845 mph


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  • Whitemare or an extremely, I dont know

    Don't worry, this will never happen in COC, so this blog is for entertainment purposes only and shouldn't be taken seriously, as doing some of this stuff IS possible and will probably lead to you getting banned.

    This is simple. I got some good stuff for this.

    Here's the top ten best ways to defend yourself against every player at once

    10. Upgrade your mortars and wizard towers to lvl 1937, this will generate large explosions and deal large damage to troops.

    9. Get interplanetary missiles, as they can shoot targets anywhere on earth.

    8. Call the Death Star (Star Wars credit), as it can decimate large cities to bring an advantage to your troops.

    7. Make the Earth electric for 10 seconds, as this will kill every pekka on the planet.

    6. Make a weird …

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  • Whitemare or an extremely, I dont know

    It's a rare player, but some higher folks do it. Here are some helpful tips on how to identify this kind of promotion snatcher:

    • He is rude and insults people
    • He says he will give everybody stuff if he is promoted
    • He bullies, threatens a players life, tells someone to commit suicide, or threaten to delete player accounts after something doesn't go their way
    • he mocks lower players (one did to me, laughing at me saying I had lvl1 dragons, but I'm th7, so I'm good if I have dragons) or if he says that you have a horrible defense, or scolds you for being rushed
    • he curses
    • he acts stupidly, unless he gives proof that he's faking for other players entertainment
    • he doesn't follow a troop request if it asks for specific troops (unless he can't because ther…
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