Don't worry, this will never happen in COC, so this blog is for entertainment purposes only and shouldn't be taken seriously, as doing some of this stuff IS possible and will probably lead to you getting banned.

This is simple. I got some good stuff for this.

Here's the top ten best ways to defend yourself against every player at once

10. Upgrade your mortars and wizard towers to lvl 1937, this will generate large explosions and deal large damage to troops.

9. Get interplanetary missiles, as they can shoot targets anywhere on earth.

8. Call the Death Star (Star Wars credit), as it can decimate large cities to bring an advantage to your troops.

7. Make the Earth electric for 10 seconds, as this will kill every pekka on the planet.

6. Make a weird base, as it might make players feel uncomfortable.

5. Make a quadrillion barfs, as this can kill troops even with the weakest smell.

4. Call Magmahound, as he can spawn millions of lava hounds, as 100 can converge to form a magmahound, and 100 of those converge into a lava dragon, which can kill troops in a 3 mile radius with one attack.

3. Use the ultimate crystal, as it can do about a billion damage on every troop on Earth, and will do tons of attacks, with each spanning in 1/16 of a second doing random damage to a random target, with the attacks being random.

2. Get Supercell to delete your account, you can't be attacked if you have no account!

1. Hack your base to make every troop, building, and defense unkillable.

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