It's a rare player, but some higher folks do it. Here are some helpful tips on how to identify this kind of promotion snatcher:

  • He is rude and insults people
  • He says he will give everybody stuff if he is promoted
  • He bullies, threatens a players life, tells someone to commit suicide, or threaten to delete player accounts after something doesn't go their way
  • he mocks lower players (one did to me, laughing at me saying I had lvl1 dragons, but I'm th7, so I'm good if I have dragons) or if he says that you have a horrible defense, or scolds you for being rushed
  • he curses
  • he acts stupidly, unless he gives proof that he's faking for other players entertainment
  • he doesn't follow a troop request if it asks for specific troops (unless he can't because there isn't enough space),

Or simply if he donates poor quality troops

  • NOTE: it does not matter if a player is low to be Supercell, as he could be new, and if you ask for proof and he doesn't give proof, he's faker

I got this from a th9 faker

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