This is a question I have had people ask me, which is:

How long would it take to max out your gems (get 99,999 gems) without buying them?

Well this page will answer that question.

There is a set pattern of gems received after removing obstacles, and it is :6, 0, 4, 2, 0, 3, 2, 0, 0, 5, 1, 0, 3, 4, 0, 0, 5, 0, 1, 0

The spawn rate of obstacles is one obstacle every 8 hours, and there are 20 obstacles in the pattern, so a full pattern cycle is 160 Hours

Mathy Version: 20(8h)=160h

Because 9 of these equal zero gems, they will stay out of the total value equation

Crunching the numbers:

Gem Values: 6+(4*2)+(2*2)+(3*2)+(5*2)+(1*2)
36 Gems in one cycle
36/160=   4.4(.4 repeats)g/h (gems per hour)

Now that we know the amount of gems per hour, we can calculate the amount of time it would take to get 99,999 gems

More math:
h(4.4 g/h)=99,999 g
4.4g/h^2=99,999 g
(4.4g/h^2)/g= 99,999g/g
(h^2= 22727.045 h)/h
h= 22727.045

The amount of time (in hours) to get 99,999 gems is 22,727 hours, 63 days and three hours, or two months, two days, and three hours.

Please give feedback in the comments, and forgive me if the math is off.

Thanks For reading!!!


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