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  • Wintermelon43

    This is the first anyltics I will make. For this one, I will test Lvl 1 Cannon. How much shots does it need to kill each level troop?


    In total, it will take 5 shots to kill.

    This time, it will take 6 shots to defeat.

    This time, it takes 8 shots to kill.

    Now, it will take 9 shots to kill

    Blue barbarians (Inserts coolness here)

    It takes 11 shots to kill.

    Do you even care about it this far in?

    Well, for the good chance that you do, it takes 13 shots.

    Let's just get this over wih X_X

    In total, it takes 189 total shots (Well this took forever)

    194 total shots.

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  • Wintermelon43

    This is something that I will be working on for some time. Pretty much, I will test building and troop health/damage by first showing how much shots a defense building takes to kill a troop, and then how much shots a troop needs to destroy a building or clan castle troop, even if it is impossible. EVERY SINGLE Level would be put here (Yes, I'll do every hero level X_X). I will put these as blogs, and maybe this info will even make it onto the pages!

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  • Wintermelon43

    So much people are town hall ten with no air defenses and stuff, so let's get going.


    Alright, next thing is the upgrades.

    Town hall level 2 to 3:

    First of all, this level doesn't matter much, you can just go to town hall 3 quickly.

    Town Hall 3 to 4:

    NOW It matters. Your mines and collectators should be level three and four, preferably four. Your Storages should be four. Your Clan Castle needs to be rebuilt. You should get the laboratory, but don't upgrade anything yet, it's too much elixir. Your Army Camps should be level three, and your barracks should be all at least level three, and one at level four. Walls should be 1. REST SOON

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