This is the first anyltics I will make. For this one, I will test Lvl 1 Cannon. How much shots does it need to kill each level troop?



Level 1

In total, it will take 5 shots to kill.

Level 2

This time, it will take 6 shots to defeat.

Level 3

This time, it takes 8 shots to kill.

Level 4

Now, it will take 9 shots to kill

Level 5

Blue barbarians (Inserts coolness here)

It takes 11 shots to kill.

Level 6

Do you even care about it this far in?

Well, for the good chance that you do, it takes 13 shots.

Barbarian King

Let's just get this over wih X_X

Level 1

In total, it takes 189 total shots (Well this took forever)

Level 2

194 total shots.

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