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  • Wpwzmafia

    You have to make sure your air defence covers all of your base. The hidden teslas have to be outside. The wizard towers have to be next to the air defence to protect it. Archer towers have to be next to the hidden teslas but behind the walls. That is all you need for an anti-dragon base.

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  • Wpwzmafia


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  • Wpwzmafia

    Well, let's begin with that. You have to use the cheapest troops: goblins, archers, and barbs because troops cost elixir too. When you are raiding, look for the same town hall that you have or a bigger but rushed town hall. Remember, you have to attack bases with full collectors, which are usually outside.

    Next, RAID IT. Deploy the goblins first, next to the collectors. When they have taken all the collectors out, deploy the archers and barbs to get the town hall or 50%.

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  • Wpwzmafia

    Rushing your town hall is a terrible idea because it slows you down a lot. There are three reasons for this.

    1. If you are on a high town hall (between 7 and 10) and you have a level 1 wizard tower, you have a lot to upgrade which will cost you a nightmare amount of gold.

    2. When you slow down you will stop playing because you will get bored. Guaranteed!

    3. If you rush your town hall and you get attacked by somebody who is lower than you, you will get mangled. That means you will lose a lot of trophies.

    The secret is this: if you do not rush your town halls, you will actually go much faster through the game.

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