Hey Chief,

Just to let you all know that my name has changed from XXSOCKSXx - which looked ugly (don't lie) - to the much more symmetrical XxSOCKSxX. I like it, you better.....Mwhaahaha.

I would like to thank all wiki staff who have helped me through this transition including the Admins on this particular wiki who will, I have no doubt, help to piece together what may have been lost in the transfer.

I am still sorting everything linked to my name out so please be patient while the finishing touches are put on this sparkling account.

As per usual, I will only respond to 'Lord high excellent editor: SOCKS'. I will be most offended if you forget the first bit of my title although I do not mind whether you refer to me a XXSOCKSXx or XxSOCKSxX, they are both me.

As every, happy editing and clashing,

Best regards,


  XxSOCKSxX    Talk    Contribs    Clash of Clans   17:04, December 2, 2013 (UTC)

(Yes I can refer to myself without the 'lord' bit.}

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