Dear All

I'm a wife and a leader of GoldCross who help to share the love and care with my husband to all dear member in COC.

To extend our care, we open a Group at Facebook at : to connect with all member more efficiently and the most important part is to know more each other well and communicate. That's the reason i'm here today to invite a couple or more out there who need care and love from our clan :-) .

Donate of course is done by commitment and convenient. Depend on you, yourself if have passion :) if don't have we apologize we are not good enough to invite you.

An Elder is earned when a sense of trust is around the clan.

The clan is always healthy environment without abusive word and with violent will not be tolerated.

Our Facebook Cover Photo

Drop me message in facebook [ Recommended ] or here, will contact you as soon as possible :)


YennLing from GoldCross COC

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