Dragons are really good if you use 8 or more for clan wars, or even normal attacks. Bring at least a Healng Spell and some Rage Spells.

You'll attack it on one side which could be close to Air Defense. The best side to choose is the easiest side to be attacked for destroying Town Hall. Clear all the buffers on that side using your other troops, or a Dragon if the Air Defense cannot target it. The remaining troops should be Archer, Wizard, or a mix of them and make sure you can destroy all the annoying buffers with them. The buffer could include Town Hall. Then deploy all your Dragons on the side.

Deploy Rage Spell everytime the groups of Dragons is vulnerable to the Air Defense but is not targeting AIr Defense so it quickly destroy buildings and go to the Air Defenses. Drop a Healing Spell when the enemy Clan Castle troops appear and the Dragon is not attacked by an Inferno Tower, especially the multi-target one. You could save your Rage Spell instead for single-target Inferno Tower. With Barbarian King and/or Archer Queen on your side you should be able to 2-star bases except on the centered Town Hall.

I ever 3-starred a base with 2 centered level 6 Air Defenses with using 8 level 2 Dragons, 27 level 5 Archers (3 on Clan Castle), 4 level 4 Wizards, and 2 level 5 Clan Castle Wizards. Most of the troops other than 8 Dragons used to destroy a level 6 buffer (meaning it's outside of the wall) Air Defense. It was near to the Town Hall and I deployed a Dragon on the Town Hall while an Archer Tower who's actually guarding it, was destroyed by the level 5 Wizards. I attacked the right side buffer with the remaining non-Dragon troops and a Dragon, excluding Barbarian King. Then I deployed all Dragons and a Rage Spell on that right side just to hope I can get 2 stars out of the base. It was normal until I deployed a Rage Spell again when it tried to hit the left side and begin to be attacked by the left Rage Spell and unexpectedly destroyed the left Air Defense at the left side, and making the Dragons able to 3-star the base with Barbarian King. It was a real shock to me and my clanmates who see that.

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