Hi,Everybody.I want to discuss some projects that I want to make for the wiki.I also want everybody to contribute

Since,I have multiple projects i want to personally leave them behind and prioritize the projects first.

Here are the projects and I like everybody to help me out create this especially the CoC Wiki Staff:

  1. New Updated Home Page:I want to update the Home Page and Add some features like navigation and also they can make a page for the wiki which totally should connect to clash.MHC program should be inputted on homepage for others to know and participate.
  2. MHC Program Page:This project is for the wikians to know how to participate such program and also know the requirements for it
  3. Troop Cost Calculator:I want to know how the wiki calculators work.But i need some code for it,I cannot just simply multiply my hands to get this done,i will need some help.I need a graphic editor,coder,officer,major programmer
  4. The Moderation Project:Apparently this project is for major contributors only those who have 2 months of experience of staying in the wiki and know how the wiki works.To know this project is what for please contact me on my msg wall i dont like this to be worked out in public.
  5. Base Maker System:We Should Make A base maker so that everybody who likes to surf the net can see what base they want.The Aim of this wiki is to give info to clashers right then we should have base maker.It can be fun!We need here a photoshopper,coder and much more.
  6. Fan-Art Program:Every Month There should be a fan art where everyone can show their work of art refferring to clash and the three staff will give out the criteria and judge them the top 5 will receive recognition on the wiki too.

Since we are done on some projects we should have some updations too and another works:

  1. New Poll Two Months:The Main Page Poll should be updated as well we will make a poll for the them should be what.
  2. Chat Update:We should update the chat as well like instead of join the chat it should be like "Start War".
  3. Achievement Update:Ah yes everybody wants new achievements,new badge names,and new pictures.
  4. MHC Time Reduce:We should reduce the MHC days like up to 45 days only.
  5. Dead Thread Removal:Every 3 months the staff should have a cleaning to clear the dead threads here in the wiki so there will be no additional trash or any other consultments.It could also reduce the Dead Thread Revival.

That's all i also want the staff to check on this to let them look if this is alright and if they dont like they can just deny it.

Zazme Yakuza Talk Contribs 12:35,28-Feb-2015

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