This is just in,well i was thinking of farming on silver 3 coz you know there are too many inactives there,and i might get the chance to have soo much loot in there,so I decided to go to farm there,at first 5:00 wasn't really bad, i got myself 200k,until it goes up and up and up,i ended up sleeping in 3:00 AM Finding for good loot,you should try to farm there too,i got evidence here.

Great Loot

See that?That tons of loot i collected,i was just busy in this wikia,editing,so i didnt get much as possible,Being Too Lazy,My Precious loot!!

So Chief,Jealous Much?U Mud Bruh

General:Zaz,attacking enemies in the border

Zazme:Wandayuu,Set off the fire mechanism!


Zazme:I'm out...-Logs Off-

Zazme Yakuza Contact Me Edits 11:22,5-Apr-2015

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