Staff Note: This rank has NOT been discussed with other staff members and has not been decided that it will or will not happen. Do not expect anything to come out of this until further notice.
Senior Editor Explained

What is a senior editor?If you haven't heard of that yet,a senior editor simply has 1,100 edits for him to join the senior editor rank.One senior editor must simply put edits with purpose,they do not aim for achievements.The criteria is based on this chart

Name of Criteria Criteria Percentage
Edits 40%
Activeness 20%
Purpose 15%
Achievements with Purpose 10%
Reliability 10%
Voluntary Action 5%
TOTAL 100%

One must simply dedicate himself/herself to the wikia,by just achieving that edits. They will be observed by the Clash of Clans Wiki Staff and Other Promoted Senior Editor.For him to join this rank,here are the senior editor commandments:

Senior Editor Commandments

  1. A Senior Editor must acknowledge the current MHC for what they do and how they do it.
  2. A Senior Editor edit not for achievements but for great purpose.
  3. A Senior Editor must not deceive the staff for it can cause them a block.
  4. A Senior Editor should be active.
  5. A Senior Editor should be friendly and kind to other senior or minor editor,especially for staff.
  6. A Senior Editor does not lie about something,and talk non-sense behind someone's back.
  7. A Senior Editor has iniative to volunteer in some programs.
  8. A Senior Editor likes to have fun and games,they should not be serious all the time.
  9. A Senior Editor is careful in it's words,actions,and deeds.
  10. A Senior Editor shall treat everybody with equality.
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